Throughout my life I have always tried to achieve personal excellence. It wasn’t until college that I realized that I needed to widen my perspective because growing up in a small town had its downsides, which led me to study abroad in Germany and in Hungary. I had the desire and the need to see more of the world and experience all that life has to offer. While in Europe, I managed to travel to 51 countries in 52 weeks.

Over the course of a year, I was kicking some guys ass for grabbing me in Milan to getting mugged at the beach in France, to riding camels in Morocco, to hiking a glacier in Iceland, to shooting an AK-47 in Latvia, got lost in Venice, rode mopeds near the Iranian border, bathed in Turkish baths, found a new respect for humanity at a concentration camp, planked in Croatia, went to the exact location my grandfather was a POW in WW2, had 4 wisdom teeth taken out in Germany, slept on a canal boat in Amsterdam, and the list goes on…

Every week, I set out to a new city, to a new country, and on a new adventure. Not knowing where I would lay my head that night or whom I would meet or what situation I may encounter next. I did this all alone or at least set out to do it alone. Once I reached my final destination, I made friends and relationships that would last me a lifetime. I really thrived and enjoyed the unknown because in travel there is no predicting just like in life.

Adventures Through