Top Five of Nice, France

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Top Five of Nice, France Roundup

Since I am a few weeks behind on my blog posts and spent a few days in Nice, I will be doing a list of the things I enjoyed and had trouble with in this part of southern France.

  1. Meyerbeer Beach Hostel

The first of five points is a Hostel. Yes, this may come as a surprise to my readers that I am actually telling them about a hostel experience but this was (and still is a few weeks later) one of the best hostels I’ve stayed at. Not only was the staff extremely friendly but everyone staying there was as well. One of many people that I met actually stayed at the hostel to work there instead of continuing his journey of traveling.

Some things Meyerbeer Beach Hostel had that most others don’t was a young, friendly staff. They even hung out with us after their shift. They also had a huge kitchen where the guests were invited to cook which saves quite some money. Lastly, there Wi-Fi actually worked in the bedrooms which in most hostels this is not the case.

On my last night in this amazing hostel, a group of us went and salsa danced. For those of you in the States, yes I actually have acquired some dancing while in Europe. It was a great way to meet all of these people!

  1. Old Town

As most travelers know, the French Riviera is a beautiful escape from central Europe where it is usually cold when it gets closer to the winter months. I had an opportunity to escape the middle of Europe to come to this sunny (for the most part) side of France. I wandered through the streets as well as hiked up to see a beautiful view of the southern coast of France.

  1. Beach Night #1/The High Club

On the walk back from the hostel, I decided to walk down on the beach and came across a group of young men and woman who seemed to be my age. I decided to stop by and chat with them. I ended up finding out that they were exchange students fro Switzerland in Nice for there Erasmus year. It was here that I realized there was a difference between Swiss German and regular German. I guess it was a different dialect!

After sitting there and chatting with them about our different cultures, one of the them said that they knew a very well known club that was a lot of fun. We all decided to go there. One little problem, it was sprinkling and they didn’t like they rain. I found it very strange that we, as a group, stood under a cover until it had stopped.

We arrived at the club at a little past 22:00 to find out that it didn’t open until midnight. We stood there confused until a group of girls came up to us and asked us about the club where I explained to them the information that we just found out. They were very disappointed as were we. We started chatting and I found out that they were from Mexico. What a small world! We decided to find a bar until it was upon.

Arrving at the club at midnight, there was a huge line! They check ID’s as well aand made sure everyone was dressed properly. The guy ahead of me was told, “next time wear better shoes.” But we all got in. We ended up losing the Swiss boys and gals and it was just me and the Mexican girls through out the night. They went to the bar to find out that the drinks cost 10 euros per drink… beer or mixed! They were crazy enough to actually buy a drink! I went home shortly before 2 am and had a fun first night with my new friends which I actually ran into them a couple nights later where we exchanged contact info.

  1. Beach Night #2/Mugged on the Beach

Following a home cooked meal at the hostel, a friend and I decided to take a walk down to the beach to enjoy the sounds of the waves while I could. After talking for awhile and listening to some music, two Turkish guys had approached us on the beach. This scenario had happened so fast that I didn’t even realize that had took my iPod touch. They were yelling at us in Turkish and one of them pushed my friend while the other must have distracted me. After they had left, we realized that they had taken my friends wallet (passport), my friends iPhone, and my iPod touch.

Lesson Here: Don’t play your iPod late at night on the French Riviera because you are bound to have something bad happen.

  1. French Strike

The French strike consisted of the workers of the union on strike. Little did I know, this would affect my entire trip back home. Being in France, made it even worse because they didn’t like Americans. My first problem, the train that was going to Lyon was cancelled. Yes, cancelled. I was at the train station and had no iPod touch therefore limiting my ability to find Wi-Fi. When I went to the ticket booth, I was told that I wouldn’t be ale to get to Mannheim until the next day. I knew that was impossible because I had looked prior to leaving to check to be sure of this. I decided to just hope on a train and go to the closest city I could get to which was Strasbourg, France. I remembered from my VISUM group that we could get to Mannheim from that city with my semester ticket.

A few train changes, hours of delay, and 40 euros later I was in Strasbourg France at approximately midnight. Of course, everything was closed down in this city and there was no direction of where to go with the semester pass that I had. I was stuck 130 km away from home. Yes, Mannheim was beginning to seem like home at this point.

I decided that there was nothing I could do and got a hotel room (another 50 euros) for the night. I woke up and arrived in Mannheim at noon the next day.