Swiss Round Up

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I was getting quite use to the cold, bitter weather of Mannheim, Germany during the second week of October. Little did I know, that those last few weeks of October were going to be the last time I’d be seen without a coat until February. Despite the horrid weather, I was finally able to find some friends who had owned …

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Lessons Learned in Avignon

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I never thought I would be back in middle school again. With that huge ‘ole backpack filled with multiple books and notebooks. Little did I know, I would do the same thing ten years later. I sat in my marketing class with a 58L bag right next to me. The bag was twice as big as me. I also got …

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My First Concentration Camp

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Having been in Europe for just a little over two months, some may take it as a surprise that I haven’t yet been to a concentration camp. Now that I think about it a couple months later, I am not too sure why I hadn’t. Maybe it had to do with my minimal knowledge of the 20th century. But I …