Culture Differences

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This week I decided to spend some time telling my readers the cultural differences that I have noticed between Mannheim, Germany and San Diego, California. If you are a fellow traveler feel free to comment below and I shall add it (crediting you).

  • Nothing is open on Sunday but professors and faculty will respond to your email
  • Mondays are when the lines are out of the door everywhere you go. Even when you show up forty-five minutes early to a store (on accident) there is a long line.
  • No matter what time or day it is, you will always see a person walking on the street with a beer
  • Europeans take a very long time to eat (not sure how the restaurant makes money if a group of people are at one table the entire night!)
  • Tax is included in the price of items rather then at the end
  • Audis and bmws seem as though they make up for at least half the car population
  • Almost every street is a one-way. I’m sure people look at me strangely when I look both ways, 3 times, on a one-way street because I am so use to it! (And also because I am almost got ran over a few times)
  • A “semester ticket” costs around 140 euro and you can travel the Regional Rail around Mannheim (~50 km)
  • Mail is done by foot in Mannheim and from watching them do their job, it takes some skill to do what they do in such a quick manner
  • In Mannheim (pretty sure all of Europe) people don’t care about low-fat or non-fat foods. This is probably due to the fact that they walk everywhere!
  • When something starts at 18:00 it will begin at 18:00 so don’t be late! (German Culture)
  • Everyone is very laid back, which is good in some ways but in not in others. When asking a question to someone they tend to give short, non-descriptive answers (so if you ever ask a question be sure to ask many!)
  • Bags cost (so bring your Ikea bag everywhere!)
  • First floor means 2nd floor (they call the first floor in Europe ground floor)

This may not seem like a lot of differences but when you’re on your own in a foreign country, they sometimes overwhelm you with frustration! But as everyone tells you, it get’s easier and easier each week. Until next time…