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Who knew going abroad would be THIS much work? I wish it was as easy as packing my bags, getting on a plane, and arriving in Europe. But I can tell you, it is definitely not as easy as a first-time traveller would think it was! Here is a list of just some of the things that I’ve completed and some things that still need to be in done.

  1. Book a Flight
  2. Financial Aid Information
  3. Classes Correspond with SDSU (Multiple emails & calls with SDSU abroad office as well as Mannheim International Office)
  4. Find an apartment (a lot harder than it seems! especially since most leases are in German)
  5. Up to date on Shots
  6. Be sure I have 3 months of prescriptions (especially difficult when in a small town! i.e. Rite-Aid Pharmacy!)
  7. Doctors Notes
  8. Buy Euro-Rail Passes
  9. Bank Account Information (call all banks and compare and see which one is best in Germany i.e. bank of america)
  10. Transfer fees to Mannheim ( a $35 dollar wire transfer fee for $80 fee!)
  11. Health Insurances (buy one from SDSU, buy one from Germany, buy one from Blueshield)
  12. Make sure I have a working laptop(Mac Book Air) & working Camera (Elph 3000)
  13. Backpack (58 L Diva)
  14. Passport Holder
  15. Daily Bag for school
  16. Power of Attorney
  17. VISUM buddy contact
  18. Create a Blog & Update it Weekly
  19. Finish my 7 units at Cuesta (A Community College in Paso Robles) with A’s in order to boost my GPA!
  20. And Last but not least! Send in My Spring Application to Bocconi University! (Which has another HUGE list in itself!)

This list of 20 things I had to do and still have to do prior to departure have many more aspects to them than the one lined sentence I have for them. With each list item comes a great deal of research, planning, and more questions and more lists of things that need to be done. For any first-time traveller be aware of what’s in store! It’s a lot more information that you have to gather and plan ahead than you could ever have imagined! But as it gets closer and closer, it get’s more and more exciting!